Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2015

© Meyer
© Sandrine Boyer Angel


Originally from Nîmes, Meyer has long explored the backstage of arenas and the rituals of bullfighting crushed by the southern sun. After having photographed the men and the bulls in close-up, he seized them from the top of the arena then multiplied them in surprising and singular photomontages. It was with this look and this new passion for recomposed reality that Meyer discovered and recomposed the rituals of The Gold Cup polo shirt from Deauville, created in 1950, in a city where polo has been practiced since 1865.

“For this 2015 edition of residency in Deauville, I would like to propose a project on the theme of the horse, and in particular on the world of Polo. I think that this playground can be the ideal theater for approaching an essential component of the city through a different prism, that of contemporary and fun photography. It is now admissible for a photograph to consist of several "presents". Which deliciously fuels the ambiguity that photography maintains with reality. We can imagine at leisure a series of images, of compositions which pile up different moments of a sporting encounter; they then appear as suspended in an apparent disorder to what will follow ... a permanent hope for the future, the unknown of victory or defeat.

It is a question here of having fun of metaphysical questions and of proposing a playful and fantastic photograph, in order, in a way, to put the Polo upside down. On the other hand, I allow myself the opportunity to approach the subject of the horse in a broader way, to celebrate its beauty and the imagination that it deploys. As François Cheval describes it: “The photographic process likes nothing as much as what is unexpected, the accident. The relevance of the photographic object is only acquired by its ability to move away from the expected and the initial presuppositions ”» Meyer (before coming to Deauville). 

A new generation photojournalist, Meyer is a founding member of the Collectif Fuzzy trend which draws its reporting themes from a social and humanist approach. As a reporter Meyer came to photograph Deauville for the magazine Pilgrim October 2012.

Meyer uses photography to confront a fleeting reality. His gaze over the occupied Palestinian territories gives rise to a series of eleven silent and torn images. From 2003, and for five years, he followed the journey of Mobile Digital Cinema in West Africa and photographed the improbable encounter between African cinema and its audience. He thus produced his series "My light brother", faces of spectators during the screening session. Then, he begins to practice photomontage. He realizes the "Quirky portraits", in Mali, which are a proposal for a photographic trip. In each image, the gap between the character and his decor, a landscape sometimes taken thousands of kilometers from Bamako, produces his own poetry.

2012 - Invited in residence in Madrid by Photo coverage, he begins an in-depth work on the world of bullfighting. 2011 - Publication of the book In the cinema, the child spectator, co-edition of the Alhambra Ciné Marseille and Tendance Floue. 2010 - The series Quirky portraits is presented at the festival Head On in Australia. 2007 - 3rd Prize of the W (Arts and entertainment category) for the series My Brother Light. 2006 - The series My Brother Light is presented to Rencontres d'Arles. 2005 - Exhibition of the series Fucking Camargue maieutics our Rencontres d'Arles. 2002 - Exhibition of the series Palestine à The European House of Photography in Paris. Special prize from the Paris-Match Jury for this series.

Meyer about his exhibition POLOSUPERPOSE :
"The polo shirt holds a famous place in the intimate ties that Deauville weaves with the world of the horse. The Gold Cup, a prestigious competition which takes place in the middle of summer, extends here, on the Normandy coast, an old history of two thousand years.
The polo shirt comes from the depths of the ages, from the glory of the riders. In the XNUMXth century, the Persian poet Nezami wrote on the princely game:
The limit of your polo field is the horizon. The ball on the curve of your mallet is Earth. Before becoming nothing but dust, gallop and force your mount because the world is yours. The polo shirt is a serious matter. 
We can observe the time of today's polo, here on the Deauville racecourse and engage photography in the game. 
The universe is dense, sharp, and in the place of the plane we can see families, siblings and mercenaries who organize themselves to challenge adversity. Here is the time of supercharged riders, shocks, suffocating races, electrified balls and mallets. The whole forms a picture where style emerges from chaos. The acts are beautiful, the outcome thrilling. 
During the polo match, between the chukkers, there is also the time of rest and care, where the responsible public, but nonchalantly, disperses to repair the space of the game, delicately. A country theater where everyone peacefully plays their role. 
The polo shirt also has its figures of knights, warriors, busts of centaurs and amazons. So many actors, destinies who strive to mark the history of the city, to register. 
There is a world of polo shirts where chic and smash match, where the immaculate sweat of horses ignites the vapors of perfumes, where the wild movements on the line merge into cheers. These moments of the polo shirt come together, pile up and form the image where our imagination can nourish dreams of idyllic afternoons and chivalrous glory. The polo shirt is class, it comes in great poses. " 


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