© Meyer
© Sandrine Boyer Engel

Invited to the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2015

Originally from Nîmes, Meyer has been exploring the backstage of arenas and the rituals of the corrida under the warm sun of the south. After having been taking close-up pictures of men and bulls, he started capturing them from the top of the arenas and multiplied them through surprising and unique photomontages. Through this new perspective and passion for reconstructed reality, Meyer will discover and reproduce the rituals of the Polo Coupe d’Or of Deauville, created in 1950 in a place where polo has been played since 1865.

For this 2015 residence in Deauville, I want to present a project focused on the equestrian world, particularly around the universe of polo. I believe that this field may be an ideal way of approaching one of the city’s main elements through a new perspective: contemporary and fun photography. Today, one photograph may include various timelines, and this aspect exquisitely enhances the ambiguous connection between photography and reality. We can imagine a series of images or compositions combining different instants of a sports game; these moments seem suspended, in apparent chaos, and preserve a constant hope for the future, awaiting the game’s outcome.

It involves playing with metaphysical questions and presenting a joyful and imaginary photography, as a way of tipping the polo game upside down. On the other hand, I also wish to tackle the equestrian world in a more general way, to celebrate its beauty and the magic it creates. François Cheval explains: “the photographic process fancies nothing more than the unplanned, the accidents. The relevancy of the photographic object is only acquired through one’s capacity of moving away from the expected and initial suppositions”. - Meyer -

As a new generation photo reporter, Meyer is one of the founding members of the Tendance Floue collective, which draws its report subjects in a social and humanist approach. As a reporter, Meyer came to photograph Deauville for the Le Pélérin magazine in October 2012.

Meyer uses photography to capture a fleeting reality. His vision of Palestine’s occupied territories was presented in a photograph series composed of 11 silent and tormented images. Since 2003, and for a 5-year period, he has been following the course of the Ambulant Digital Cinema in Western Africa and capturing the improbable meeting between the African cinema and its audience. He produced his Mon frère lumière (My brother light) series, showing the faces of the audience during the cinema screening sessions. He then started to practice photo montage. He created the Portraits decalés (Shifted portraits) in Mali, a photographic invitation to travel. In each image, the gap between the subject and his setting, in sceneries often shot a thousand miles away from Bamako, reveals its own poetry.

2012 – He was invited in residence in Madrid by Cobertura Photo and he started an in-depth work on the corrida world. 2011- Release of the book Dans le cinema, l’enfant spectateur, co-published by the Alhambra Ciné Marseille and Tendance Floue. 2010- The Portraits décalés series is presented at the Head On festival in Australia. 2007- 3rd prize of the World Press Photo (Art & show category) for the Mon frère Lumière series. 2006- The Mon frère Lumière series is presented at the Arles Meetings. 2005- Exhibition of the Putain de Maïeutique Camarguaise series at the Rencontres d'Arles. 2002 - Exhibition of the Palestine series at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris. The series was rewarded by the Prix spécial du jury Paris-Match on the same year.