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Blandine Métayer


After her beginnings at the conservatory, she played "Le Roi se meurt" by Eugène Ionesco then the daughter of Jacqueline Maillan in "Le Pont Japonais".
Then it is the great adventure of television with comedy roles: 4 years at the "Petit théâtre de Bouvard" "Rira, Rira pas" with Jean Yanne, "La Classe" but also dramatic roles, notably in the series " Tribunal ”and several films directed by Jean Louis Lorenzi. She has led a career as an author at the same time and has written hundreds of sketches and numerous scripts for television (TF1, France 2, France 3) as well as “Célibattante! », A one-character play that she performed from September 2001 to January 2003.
In 2010, after having interviewed dozens of women in companies, worked with Cécile Ferro (sociologist at the G. Friedmann Laboratory) and exchanged a lot with Brigitte Grésy, she designed “Je suis Top! ", A" single on stage "that is both funny and moving: The story traces, both professionally and privately, the journey of a woman who pierced the glass ceiling. This one-person play has been performed at the Ten-Hour Theater since September 20, 2010, but also in private galas in Businesses, associations and networks (both in French and in English).

In company :
She is also the artistic director of the company “Changement de Décor” (production company and event entertainment) and associated with David Riquet (Director and Producer of the show).
For more than 15 years, she has written, staged and performed numerous shows for the Company and frequently led training sessions designed by her…

In 2019, she opened Normandes en Tête with extracts from her show “Je suis Top! "