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Greenwich Mean Time

Avenue of the Republic


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  • Pet Friendly
  • Site accessible to people with reduced mobility


Villers-sur-mer, entry point to the Greenwich Meridian in continental Europe, has the distinction of being the only French coastal station located on this Meridian.

Renovated in 2016, the meridian is materialized by a line on the rounded shape of the central dike just after the casino and by a marking on the luminous floor in the evening.

A simple little trick to locate Villers-sur-mer on any map of the globe: the town is located at the exact intersection of the zero meridian and the French coast.

A room in the Paléospace l'Odyssée is dedicated to the Greenwich Meridian. It offers an intimate scenography highlighting the very beautiful marine objects of the Paris Observatory and the museum's own collections.

Greenwich Meridian - Villers - Julien Boisard © (1) Julien Boisard ©