Corinne Mercadier

Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2015

© Corinne Mercadier
© Sandrine Boyer Angel

The sky starts here

Finalist in 2013 of the Photography Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts, Corinne Mercadier is part of the tradition of plastic photography. As part of Planche (s) Contact, she is continuing her series in Deauville The sky starts here, initiated in 2013. Scenes photographed during the day and then reworked in nocturnal atmospheres with dancers and objects, on the roof terraces of large establishments on the seafront (roofs of the Casino, the Hotel Normandy, the Olympic swimming pool in the form of seashells and Pompeian baths). So many unpublished and unknown decorations that reveal themselves for unique scenes.

“The sky begins here is a series which, as a project in 2013, was a finalist for the Academy of Fine Arts Prize. The Paris Observatory and the Château de Saint Germain-en-Laye were already the scene of achievements in 2014. The places that host these shots, whether dedicated to art, culture or leisure , form an exceptional constellation. Architecture links time and space on earth to the unknown that overlooks it. […] It is a question of considering the top of the buildings as a privileged space, to relate the city, the sea and the sky in a unique way, to stand at the “sublime point” invisible, usually, of the panorama ”.
Corinne Mercadier

The photographic work of Corinne Mercadier is linked until 2008 to the Polaroïd SX70. From these photos, she creates enlarged prints of different formats. The Landscapes series (1992) et Where does the sky begin? (1995-1996) surround the void, the horizon, and play with the notion of point of view and framework. From 2000, she manufactured flexible sculptures intended to be launched and photographed in series Once and no more (2000-2002), The Arles Suite (2003) The Eight gone (2006) et Long distance (2005-2007).

That year, the cessation of the production of the Polaroid SX70 film prompted Corinne Mercadier to experiment with various photographic mediums, and her choice fell on digital tools. They made fundamental changes to the shooting systems and to the aesthetics of his images. The first two series thus worked on, Solo and Black Screen, will be presented during the Mois de La Photo in Paris, in 2012.

In 2014, the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm devoted a retrospective to him: "Wicked Gravity". In 2013, she was invited by the Réattu Museum of Arles to participate in the Cloud exhibition, and the City of Rennes shows on the Place de l'Hotel de Ville an exhibition bringing together 40 photographs from 1992 to 2012.

Corinne Mercadier has exhibited regularly since 1998 at the Les Filles du Calvaire gallery (Paris) where she is represented. His photographs were also exhibited at the Alan Klotz gallery in New York in 2006 and 2008; at the festival Fotofest in Houston, Texas; to the FIAC and Paris Photo (Les Filles du Calvaire stand); to the Primavera FotoGrafica from Barcelona; to thebow from Madrid and toAIPAD from New York.

In 2001, Corinne Mercadier receives the Altadis Prize and is exhibited at the gallery Durand-Dessert, from Paris, as well as at the Gallery Juana de Aizpuru from Madrid. In 2003, she obtained an order from the Museum Reattached d'Arles and the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of which it carries out The Arles Suite.

His photographs are present in the collections of The European House of Photography (Paris); of FNAC (National Contemporary Art Fund of Paris) of The National Library (Paris); of frac Ile-de-France (Regional Contemporary Art Fund); from the Collection Polaroid Corporation ; of Image Museum of Epinal; of Malraux Museum from Le Havre and Réattu Museum of Arles.

Corinne Mercadier has published most of her books with Filigranes editions: Where the sky begins ? (1996), Dreaming journal (1999) A monograph (2007), as well as his latest work, In front of a Dark Field (2012). His works were acquired by the art libraries of Angers, Nantes, Grenoble, Villefranche-sur-Saône, by Le Château d'Eau, in Toulouse and by L'Imagerie de Lannion.

Corinne Mercadier about her exhibition The sky starts here in Deauville: 
"In Deauville I open a new chapter in the series I am currently working on, The sky starts here, staging on the roofs of remarkable buildings. The City gave me wide access to its particular roofs and I have kept two, by the sea, strange and theatrical: the "Pompeii baths" and the swimming pool. 
From the roofs, the architecture - the human space par excellence - offers exceptional points of view on what surrounds the ground, but also on the unconstructed, unquantifiable and fluid space of the sky. 
Heaven has an important part in the history of my work. The constellations, the symbolic organization of the disturbing intersidereal spaces are subjects of reverie which nourish my photographs and my drawings for a long time. 
With the locations, the topography of the places and their history lead me to visions which are gradually fixed in scenes. Dancing characters and objects take place. I draw them on a workbook. 
At this stage, I am accompanied by works that matter to me. Listening to what Deauville said to me, D¨rer, Kubrick, Spilliaert and Poe passed before my eyes. Melancholy and mystery. 
Then begins the production of the objects, which play a central role in the shooting: whether they are launched or whether they are part of the attributes of a character, they come into contact with the body, the decor, the light, the weather. 
Photography will perpetuate their passage at high speed. Time comes to take the picture, the light, the wind. It is chance that takes control of the road map with numbered scenes. It is he who has the last word, because he has the power to deposit on the sensor the trace of a symmetry, a strangeness that it would have been vain to desire. All this organization to circumscribe the field of games of chance. To make room for it, let it shape unexpected forms of reality. A long job awaits me. Solitary, enclosed with the star pixels of my raw files, I enter the real night of images. "


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