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Tono mejuto

Young talent photographer of the 2013 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Tono Mejuto for Board (s) Contact 2013

Machine-gunned deauville

"With the emergence of globalization, Deauville becomes an international tourist place which attracts celebrities. In this context, the paparazzi is positioned as responsible for the transition between these private lives and their public image. My goal is to work from of their missed "shots", those where the objective is missed, the subject withdraws, and which allow us to go further in their aesthetics. Like an awkward paparazzi who adjusts his camera and is about to fire without realizing that onlookers obstruct its objective. An accidental vision. Thus, and from these contact sheets, we can rethink Deauville through the quest, the density and the questioning of the construction of identity in the public sphere. "

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