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DEAUVILLE Hippodrome of Deauville-La Touques> November 24 to December 28


Season opening.

Deauville-La Touques, racecourse of the 4 seasons.

On the occasion of the Winter Meeting, 10 days of dish are scheduled at the Deauville-La Touques racecourse. All the events take place on the fiber-sand track, inaugurated in 2003, which allows the grass track to be preserved and horses to run in winter. Since then, the Winter Meeting has become a horse-riding event popular with everyone, amateurs, racers, professionals and residents as a whole.

This competition is the opportunity to discover the world of horse racing even in low season. With an annual program of around forty days of flat racing, Deauville-La Touques is the hippodrome that organizes the most races in France!