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Meeting with Valérie Carrat at the Villa d'Eaux. A story to share inDeauville

On the facade of the building constructed in 1913 is written “hot baths, hydrotherapy”. Common at the beginning of the 1960th century, “shower-baths” were then a public service for people who did not have running water. In Villers-sur-Mer, this service was offered until XNUMX. Seawater was then used for its therapeutic properties, as well as fresh water. Deteriorated and partly broken to allow the opening of shops on the facade, the place has now regained its original state after five years of work. When she visited it two years ago, Valérie Carrat fell in love with this atypical house. We can now stay there and we immediately want to linger in this haven of peace.

Valerie Carrat, Villa d'Eaux
The richness of life is human.
Valerie Carrat

The Water Villa: a unique place, turnkey services

The Villa is composed of a large patio open to the sky, a very professional kitchen, living rooms, a dining room and six bedrooms, all different. On the roof, a terrace to see the sea and the Villersoises villas. The decoration is inspired by the sea, its colors, its undulations, its patterns.
This large house is suitable for all configurations and especially private or professional events where a team, a family, a group of friends can meet. Valérie Carrat never stops opening the place, which she describes as a "bubble of zenitude" to arouse desires. The inhabitants of the Villa only have to choose, she takes care of organizing and planning everything. She imagines teams of golfers or riders coming to rest there between their competitions, a family celebrating an anniversary or a milestone, professional teams meeting and thinking together for a few days. The Villa d'Eaux can be transformed according to everyone's needs and desires. Certain activities flourish there easily such as cooking classes, floral art workshops, oenology, and of course sessions around body well-being… In its very atypical decor, the Villa lends itself with originality to photography or film shoots, a track that Valérie begins to take hold of.

Valérie Carrat: love at first sight for the Villa

Initially an emergency doctor, Valérie Carrat - until 2017 - spent her entire career in the health field. After a few years of practice in the hospital, she wanted to open up to new worlds and opted for training in business school. This allows him to re-orient himself towards the professions of private hospital management. Medical director in a group of health establishments, her journey comes to an abrupt end after many years of collaboration. His position is in excess in the new organizational chart of his company which has just merged with another.

After a week of reflection in the desert, she returns with a conviction: she will put her energy into building her own professional universe in which she can let go and feel good. The idea of ​​opening a place dedicated to well-being is there, even if at the beginning she had imagined it in Aix-en-Provence in a country house.
A few days before making a decision to settle in the south, a friend gave her an appointment at Villers-sur-Mer where she had never set foot, nor in Normandy for that matter. He shows her around the Water Villa on December 20, 2017. The place was empty but restored. There remained only the second work to be carried out. The rain and the gray of the sky do not prevent love at first sight. In two hours, she questions her project in the south. The owner at the time was seduced by the project and accepted his offer.

The love at first sight is repeated again and again, each time she crosses the door of the Water Villa. She works there from May to October 2018 to design the place, its operation, its services. She gets help with the decoration, and launches out: communication, the hotel industry, Normandy ... She discovers almost everything and enjoys the richness of the meetings. The re-opening to the public arouses a real craze as evidenced by attendance during Heritage Days. It will receive eight hundred people that day.


His leitmotif

Villers is a great place to stay in the evening too.

What she likes about us

The days of rain and wind and the exceptional colors of the sea. She finds it particularly beautiful in January. The color of each room is inspired by its tones and the frescoes in the entrance (which have remained intact since they were covered by walls for several years).

His lifestyle

Between Paris where she meets husband and children and Villers-sur-Mer, Valérie defines herself rather as a hyper-active globetrotter. She also set up a start-up in the digital medical field which she manages alongside the Villa d'Eaux. Busy but serene.

Practical information

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