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Jean Mattern

Selected for the 2019 Books & Music City Prize

Jean Mattern is a publisher and novelist born in 1965 into a family from central Europe. He studied comparative literature in France at the Sorbonne, before being responsible for foreign rights at Actes Sud editions and then responsible for acquisitions of foreign literature at Gallimard editions, mainly for the collections "Du monde tout" and "Arcades". He is now editor responsible for the foreign domain at Grasset. In each of his novels, the question of transmission occupies a preponderant place: after The Baths of Kiraly (Sabine Wespieser éditeur, 2008) - which has been translated into seven languages ​​-, he publishes, still with Sabine Wespieser éditeur, Milk and honey in 2010 then Simon weber in 2012. At Gallimard editions he published a novel, September (2015), as well as an essay, Loss and other happiness (2016), in the “Knowledge of the Unconscious” collection. In 2018, his new novel, The Blue of the lake, a tribute to the power of music is published by Sabine Wespieser.

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