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Florent Marchet

Guest at the 2018 Books & Music Festival

2003: Writing with Frédéric Lo of the title "Ce c'est pas rien" for Sylvie Vartan. Composition of the music for the play by Nancy Huston, Angela and Marina.

2004 to 2006: Release of the first album, "Gargilesse" (Barclay), Constantine Prize, Charles Cros Academy et Fair. Composer for Clarika on the album "Joker".

2007: Release of the 2nd album, "Rio Baril" (Barclay) recorded between Los Angeles, Sofia and Berry. Duet with Katerine and Dominique A. Prix Constantin, toured in France, Belgium and Canada. The Inrocks selected the album “Rio Baril” as one of the hundred best albums of the 2000s (3rd French behind Daft Punk and Air). First collaborations with the writer Arnaud Cathrine (musical readings in many literary festivals).

2008: Release of the book-disc Frère Animal (Verticales / Gallimard) co-written with Arnaud Cathrine. Creation of the show and tour throughout France (Bouffes du Nord, Francofolies, European…). Participation in the Fantaisie Littéraire disc book (music to the text Suicide by Édouard Levé). Soundtrack composition of a documentary for France 3, Le Choix de mon père by Rabah Zanoun.

2009: Creation of a recording studio, a production and publishing company (NODIVA). Realization of the album of Clarika ("Me better"), realization and production of the EP of La Fiancée, writing texts for Axelle Red (album "A heart like mine) and Élodie Frégé (album" The girl in the afternoon ").

2010: Release of the album “Courchevel” (Pias), duet with Jane Birkin on the song "Roissy".

2011: Release of the album “Noel's Songs” (Pias), creation of the show of the same name which will pass by the Philharmonie with, as guests, Camille, Keren Ann, the young choirs of Paris or Gaëtan Roussel.

2012: Composition of the soundtrack for Frédéric Videau's film À moi seul. Composition of the soundtrack for the documentary The heritage of the cliffs by Laurent Caron.

Children's book-disc release Coquillette the wimp (co-written with Arnaud Cathrine and composed by Florent). We find Julie Depardieu, Jeanne Cherhal, Mathieu Boogaerts… Release of the children's book-disc Noel's songs.

2013: Solo tour in France and China. Composition of the soundtrack on the part of the other by Christophe Chiesa (documentary series).

2014: Release of the album "Bambi Galaxy" (Pias).

2015: Composition of the soundtrack for Alain Tasma's film Neuf jours en hiver.

2016: Composition of the soundtrack for the film by Laurence Côte Pas la mère à potable.
Release of the album “Frère Animal - Second Tour”. Soundtrack composition for Patrick Mille's film "Going to Brazil"

2017: Composition of the soundtrack for the film by Eric Caravaca Carré 35 (Official Selection of the Cannes festival). Realization and arrangements for Lavilliers (song "Hope"). Production and composition for Calogero (two titles on the album “Liberté chérie”).

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