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Chemin Paul Ruel 14113 Cricqueboeuf
+02 31 88 10 40

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Glass of Ruinart Brut champagne * and its tasting plate

- Duck foie gras land and sea, homemade gingerbread, fig chutney
- Snack scallops, ½ salt bordier butter on a bed of mashed potatoes with truffle, champagne sauce *
- Gironde caviar 30g to share for two, blinis, whipped cream with dill and a shot of Gray Goose vodka *
- Chapon Supreme stuffed with chestnuts, mini vegetables from the Legruel sorcerer, cooking juices
- Brie truffled with Mascarpone, mixed salad, raspberry vinaigrette
- Icy tasting
- Surprise Delight of the 31st!
- Palette of homemade sweets

195 € / pers. (a glass of Ruinart Brut champagne as an aperitif *, a bottle of Ruinart Brut champagne * for 2 people, a bottle of still or sparkling mineral water and coffee, tea included)



- Seafood delights: basket of langoustines, prawns, St Vaast oysters, homemade fish bread, smoked salmon with homemade beech wood
- Vegetarian delights: butternut cream with chestnut curry, mozzarella tomatoes, coleslaw, apples, camembert, grated carrots, cucumber, green salad
- Regional and farmer's delicacies: homemade country terrine, white cheese from the Borniambuc farm, Norman cheeses, scrambled eggs with truffle oil, hard-boiled eggs, “poplar farm” and “Petit Blonvillais” yogurts
- Savory delights: Jeannette-style fish soup, ham cooked on the bone, assorted cold cuts, smoked salmon and poultry sandwich clubs, croque-monsieur, beef samoussa, marinated lamb kebabs, marinated turkey kebabs, bowl of crisps
- Sweet delights: assortment of homemade logs, rice pudding, chocolate mousse, fresh fruit salad, smoothies, assortment of homemade sweets
- Drinks included: red wine *, white wine *, cider *, mineral water, hot drinks, fruit juice

52 € / pers. - from 11 a.m. to 15 p.m.


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.