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Guest at the Books & Music Festival 2016

Marco Mancassola, a novelist and screenwriter born in 1973, lives in London. He is notably the author of The sex life of superheroes (Gallimard, 2012) and recently of The deserted (Gallimard, 2015). The Last Drop editions will be published in April 2016 Last Love Parade.


He will be present:

Sat April 16/15 p.m. - Villa Le Cercle - Italy Program in Deauville
Meeting with David Brun-Lambert & Marco Mancassola
Two authors to retrace the adventure of electro music and the way it has - like rock'n roll in its time - changed the world. New lifestyles, access to culture, explosion of borders and class barriers, a perspective of the power of music through this new genre born in the 80s. David Brun-Lambert wrote with Laurent Garnier Electrochoc, cult book retracing the electro adventure. Marco Mancassola, in Last Love Parade, recounts his experience from his teenage years.