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Norman guest in the lead 2019

The Mampreneurs network was created and developed for and by women, whose common ambition is to undertake differently, in order to reconcile life time and fulfillment.
Each of its members is thus recognized in humanist values ​​and a business or human project is at the origin and at the center of everything.
Its functioning is therefore based on a reciprocal and lasting trust of its members, who meet in a space favorable to dialogue, preferably without taboo
Since the creation of the network, female members have found a space of freedom and breathing, essential to their well-being and to the development of their posture as business leaders. They report that "the Mam'cafés are a real breath of fresh air", that they leave "boosted and full of ideas".
They come to meet the network to get out of their isolation as business leaders, network, gain confidence and develop their business. But they return because they have found there, authentic personalities, a friendly network where simplicity and generosity reign.
The network in figures:
- 350 members
- 20 regional branches
- 3 women supported