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Julien malabry


Ephemeral Fevers © Julien Malabry, for Planche (s) Contact 2017
Ephemeral Fevers © Julien Malabry, for Planche (s) Contact 2017

Participant of the 2017 Young Talents Springboard

Son of a soldier, Julien Malabry embraces his photographic practice in the very particular context of his engagement of more than 10 years in the French army. Sharpen his look and his sensitivity to light during his missions, the accuracy of his frontal framing seduced the Festival Selection Committee.
Witness of a world which oscillates between modernity and tradition, his images are supported by a leitmotif assumed, but fought, which affirms that "habit kills the gaze". His photography then becomes the blatant reflection of a silenced abandonment: man ceases to consider the past as part of the present, his gaze loses interest in everyday elements. Julien Malabry questions and thus tries to reverse a particular relationship between man and the world. His photographs, regularly taken in medium format, are bathed in a white light that supports a real force of proposal, in the imposition of forms.