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Aubergine houses


The organization of the habitat undoubtedly comes from the progressive installation of houses and farms under the high tutelage of the castle of Bonneville-sur-Touques, the powerful fortress which made the glory and the fame of the place.
In the absence of a real urban plan, the alleys, dead ends, alleys, passages under houses (like this one which leads from the washhouse to the halls) proliferated, creating a labyrinthine entanglement.
Throughout the central street, adjacent streets and passages, there are still many half-timbered houses which retain their typical Augeron character in Touques. The nearby forest provided the easiest and cheapest building material.
The ordinary houses, with half-timbered walls, are quite narrow, with one or two windows per storey, pressed against each other. Made up of a ground floor of stones and three or four floors of wood and cob, they are served by a spiral staircase. The roof covering is made of thatch or wooden slats.