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From December 22
Micro-Folie Deauville is open!
The atypical and multifunctional cultural place is organized around six spaces (a digital museum composed of 500 exceptional works, a fab-lab, a toy library, a creative workshop, a video games space, a virtual reality space), complemented by a rich entertainment program for all.

26 December
Children say: "Colors! "
26 and 31 December
Digital Museum Workshop
27 December
Focus on a work
28 December
Museum survey: “Abstract art, how did we get there? "
29 December
Art History Family Tour: “Myths” (29)
and "What is art for?" "(The 30)

29 December
Youth show: "La Puce, le Cameau et les autres"
29 and 30 December
A museum in the spotlight: Orsay (29)
and Meeting of National Museums - Grand Palais (le 30)

30 December
Conference "The works of the Franciscan Museum
in the History of Art »
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