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Dabadabada, Dabadabada… Anouk Aimée and Jean-Louis Trintignant together again
under the camera of Claude Lelouch. The director is currently in Deauville to direct
"The Most Beautiful Years", epilogue of his cult film "A Man and a Woman",
filmed in Deauville in 1965. Released in 1966 and winner of a Palme d'Or, two Oscar
and 47 international awards, "A Man and a Woman" has confirmed
the romantic dimension of Deauville. 52 years later, the myth is still there.
Saturday, October 6

Tourist sites in the Estuary
of the Seine can be visited at night

Near you, or “on the other side of the water”, discover in an original way the diversity of the heritage of the Seine estuary. Museums, historic or listed buildings, exceptional natural sites and other amazing places open their doors to you free of charge at nightfall.

InDeauville visits
The batteries of Mont-Canisy
by torchlight

The strategic position of the protected natural site of Mont Canisy will earn it twice to be transformed into a coastal artillery position. In the light of torches, discover its remains.
A magical welcome ...
Deauville Tourisme welcomes you to its new setting, at the entrance to the Presqu'île, for this evening full of surprises: discounts in stores and, above all, an extraordinary welcome.
The Strassburger villa you book
all his secrets

Emblematic residence of the resort
in the Belle Epoque, the secrets of the villa
will be told to you during an intimate visit.
Visit through the notes
Discover the charming Church of Saint-Martin de Vauville, whose construction dates back to the XNUMXth century, and its magnificent altarpiece with music!
All visits on
Wednesday October 3
The 2018 season | 2019 - "Ex Anima"
by Zingaro and Bartabas

A show bus in collaboration with the Théâtre de Caen.
Superb, elegant, graceful and wild, 36 Lusitanian, Criollo, Arabian, Frisian horses ...
with a strong character, follow one another on the marquee track. Their powerful and sonorous breath echoes
with blowing instruments: flutes from China, North India, Japan or Ireland.
Full program for the 2018 season | 2019 here

From October 5 to November 18
Exhibition: Passion Japon
2018 is the year of Japan in France.
Tableware, lighting, sculptures, fashion
and accessories: 12 artists and craftsmen
of art present their pieces inspired by
Japanese culture in all its facets.

From 5 to October 11
Painting exhibition
Patricia Joignant and Annick Bollengier,
two heterogeneous artists with universes
which are not far from being closed, unite their works.

Sleep an hour longer or live
one hour more ?
Longines 25th hour photo competition

On the night of October 27 to 28, an additional hour is offered to each of us on the occasion of the changeover to winter time. For all those who are tempted to choose sleep, the Deauville Contact Board Festival offers a photo contest to capture this imaginary hour.
register now

From 3 to October 6
Fall colors at Calouste Gulbenkian Park
Walk the paths of the park which has retained the charm and beauty that its creator had once achieved, with a rare sensitivity.
Saturday, October 6
Visit the church

A Plantagenet vault and narrow windows date the church, at least its old span, from the beginning of the 12th century.
Dimanche octobre 7
Discover the Jurassic world
The Paleospace presents a rich collection of fossils, which bear witness to a bygone era when huge marine reptiles hunted crocodiles and ammonites in a warm sea.
Saturday, October 6
This bargain hunters gathering brings together professional second-hand dealers.
Dimanche octobre 7
Garage sales
organized by the Amicale des Parents
of Villers-sur-Mer students.
Dimanche octobre 7
Theater: "It's not at all what you think"
A comedy by Élodie Wallace and Manu Rui Silva, with Danièle Evenou, Norbert Tarayre,
Séverine Ferrer ... directed by Oivier Mace.
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