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If their charming stone and half-timbered house can no longer receive customers, Judith and Teddy, at the head of the Chez Gustave restaurant, are back in the kitchen. Takeout and deliveries are possible.
All the addresses to buy good cooked meals here
The garden
is a necessity

This is why Truffaut has reopened its store and implemented all the necessary measures to ensure that the sale is secure.

All inDeauville shops open here
Favor short circuits:
it's easy and useful

Local producers and breeders are weakened by the containment which has suppressed many markets. Three initiatives allow you to easily stock up.
On the Facebook page
"Producers and tradesmen of the Pays d'Auge"
, at the initiative of Caroline Pic, all the information useful locally to buy on the farm.
On the Normandy Region website, a card to connect producers and consumers.
On our special inDeauville page, all the information to continue going to the market and consuming seasonal products.
30 culture sites to follow online
We miss museums and libraries but are there, online on their sites where they give access to all their collections. From Franciscans to the Unesco library, we have listed some thirty truly breathtaking initiatives.
At your house

The cultural pole of Deauville goes up the thread of the History of the places and characters which made the reputation of Deauville. Richly illustrated stories to read on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Relax and learn with MUMA
The Musée du Havre offers a wealth of resources for adults and children, in particular on painters who painted the territory inDeauville and a photo competition to participate.
UNESCO gives access to its world digital library
Maps, texts, photos, recordings, films explain the jewels and cultural relics of all the world's libraries in seven languages.
All other culture initiatives here
his credits?

A public system, credit mediation, helps any business that encounters difficulties with one or more financial institutions. The referral to the mediator is simple and dematerialized.
How is the aid calculated for companies created after March 2019?
See the video

I am self-employed and can no longer exercise my profession during confinement
Would I be entitled to something,
how do I proceed ?

Consult all questions / answers here.
In the region,
a strong mobilization
for impacted companies

Crisis unit, more flexible loan arrangements, reduction in grant times, online platform:
all the measurements for you are here.
Webinars, online advisers, solidarity initiatives…
Subscribe to the CCI Seine Estuaire newsletter to follow all the initiatives that will help you.
The CCIs of Normandy launched CCI CONSO'MAP
An interactive map to identify the shops and services open in Normandy. In a few clicks, you have the possibility to register and place your ad which will be online the next day.
We love everything they do
for all of us

InDeauville, associations are mobilizing on the territory, discover benevolent initiatives here.
Brad Pitt makes his cinema
at Saint Pierre Azif

Well it's not really cinema, even if the film was shot by Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel among others) with Brad Pitt. In 2009, in Saint-Pierre-sur-Azif, the American star shot this spot for a Japanese phone brand. A tribute to Jacques Tati with 2CV, a cycling race and a topless young woman on a picnic. For the anecdote, the young woman is Camille Cottin who later filmed with Brad Pitt in Alliés by Robert Zemeckis and in the famous series Ten percent ! This spot - a happy taste - of The grand Budapest Hotel, is an invitation to see this film, available on VOD on the internet. A second episode was filmed on the Côte d'Albatre.
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