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With 160 passengers in 000, Deauville-Normandie airport
breaks its record of 140 in 000. Building on this result, its program
of destinations for 2018 is growing.
All the info here.
Friday 19 January at 14:30 p.m.

Πολις (POLIS)
Un choreographic show inspired by Deauville

"Starting from the idea of ​​the" city ", as a concept that is simultaneously urban, social, mythical ... Questioning its process of formation and organization; that this "city" is ancient, modern, workers, virtual ... ". In an artistic logic comparable to that which founded Planche (s) Contact, the festival of photographic creations of Deauville, Emmanuel Eggermont and his team, invited in choreographic residence, will come to repeat in Deauville a show inspired by what characterizes Deauville.
Friday 19 January at 20:30 p.m.

reveals herself in the guise of actress Coraly Zahonero

Grisélidis Réal (1929-2005), writer, painter and courtesan in Geneva, has made prostitution an art and a humanism. She recounted her extraordinary life in interviews and biographical writings. Touching words of truth that Coraly Zahonero, a member of the Comédie-Française, transforms into one in an incredibly fair, poignant and overwhelming scene.
Sunday 21 January

"Metaphysics of ruins - Even death dies
Michel Onfray will give until June 14 free philosophy lessons at his People's University.
Tuesday 16 January

Show jumping training session
Sunday 21 January

of karate, kata and Kumite
Saturday 20 January

Dinner show:

a new collection on the theme of art and painting.
Sunday 21 January


master of illusion
became a close-up expert,
of mentalism and interaction
with the public.
Household waste collection is evolving
At the end of the past year, the collection and the zones were reviewed in order to optimize and simplify as best as possible the service rendered to the population, new 2018 collection calendars are distributed throughout the intermunicipal organization.
All the info here.
Until 31
Livarot cheese village - Exhibition of Céline Meunier, Fovéa Y and Mélody Billou
Wednesday 17
Trouville - Montebello workshops: for 7-9 year olds and 10-13 year olds
Thursday 18
Deauville - Julie karaoke Night
Friday 19
Deauville - Evening international varieties
Saturday 20
Deauville - 80s evening with DJ Julien
Trouville - Montebello workshops: visual arts for adults / Philosophy café: free subject / Dinner-show "Tubes Forever" / Conference of the Cercle Condorcet-Voltaire-D'Holbach de Normandie / Night of Reading
From 20 to 27
Trouville - Exhibition Le P'tit Lu is on display! Exhibition of the "image maker"
Sunday 21
Touques - Dancing tea
Monday 22
Deauville - Auctions: Berber jewelry from the XNUMXth, XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries
Trouville - Memory workshop
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