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Hanqing Ma

© Hanqinq Ma for Contact Board (s) 2014

Cold memories

"The house, like fire and water, will allow me to remember flashes of waking dreams which illuminate the synthesis of a memory ... immemorial reminiscence associated with imagination ..." La Poétique de l space, Gaston Bachelard

"This series of works directs the glance on the space and the objects of sculptural aspect of the sites of construction. As such, the space of construction does not have identity or function; it is only Deauville has an immaculate and coordinated outdoor space. With regard to other perspectives and aspects of the city, interior spaces are in a way the vestiges of the activities of its inhabitants, when time passed. Then these construction sites became "in-between spaces" during the whole process of urban construction, both spatially and temporally. By recombining the objects and the surrounding physical space, I tried to focus the gaze of the observer on them while by bringing them closer to us with emotion. Reconsidering the phenomenology of imagination through photography, these images could raise several questions: how was space before? What will become of the city? "