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Fight back pain

3 cures to relieve

Lumbago, lumbago, sciatica, hernias ... back pain would be the "disease of the century" according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as it is widespread on a daily basis: 80% of French people will suffer from back pain during their lifetime. Among the causes: heavy load to carry, poor posture at work, stress and overwork. To relieve back pain, try one of these three cures.

The principles of an adapted cure


Combination of heat, buoyancy and massage, hydrotherapy relieves back pain thanks to seawater treatments at temperatures around 30 °. Hydromassage and whirlpool baths, hydrojets, sea mud wraps and seaweed applications use heat as a natural calming agent. The seaweed and mud-based treatments concentrate mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements.



A well-performed massage can resolve the dysfunction that is causing back pain. These three cures offer special back massages coupled with other muscle relaxation massages. Back massages are carried out by a physiotherapist or an osteopath with more or less strong movements.



In addition to massages and other treatments, the cures include in their programs exercises in a heated seawater pool focused on training back and pelvis mobility, such as Aqua-Dos, Aqua- Pilates and Aquagym. The idea is to tone the back muscles without ever rushing the joints, because water makes it easier to control each movement.

Our selection of cures

Harmony of the Back - 5 days at the Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm

Whether it is to prevent or relieve pain, this cure designed under medical supervision allows, after an osteo-articular consultation and a specific treatment program including massages, to regain flexibility and well-being.

From € 839. More Informations

My Body Repair Break - 4 to 6 days at Cures Marines Trouville

Dedicated to treatment, but also to the prevention of back pain, this treatment combines therapeutic care, osteopathy session, natural benefits of thalassotherapy treatments, coached activities, massages and cryotherapy sessions.

From 180 € - the day. More Informations


Back Expert Cure - 6 days at Thalazur

Here, the power of the sea, combined with care
experts, offers a refreshing cocktail. After a Check-Up report, the program for this treatment includes 27 remineralizing and specific back treatments (special back hydro-jets, Aqua-back sessions ...).

From € 1500 (without accommodation) / from € 2322 (with accommodation). More Informations

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