Photographers invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2013

© Lucie & Simon

The Lost Worlds

Lucie de Barbuat is French and Simon Brodbeck, German. Under the name of Lucie & Simon, they have been working together since 2005 between Paris and New York and are studying, in the form of very large-format photographs and videos, the place of " Man in the XXIe century ". Continuously confronting humans with the society in which they live, their work highlights themes such as the environment, the loneliness of everyday life and the suspending of the notion of time. Lucie & Simon most often use modern technical and technological processes: photo montages, 3D computer creations, zenithal point of view or even a mixture of photography and video, their joint work takes the form of scenes inspired by romantic painting, science fiction cinema and German expressionism.

Their work has been rewarded in recent years in France and abroad, in particular by the HSBC Photography Award in 2010, the Price of the Marcel Bleustein Blanchet Foundation, Nestlé Prize or the Talent Exchange Award in association with the National Library of France in 2009. After Paris, New York, Tokyo or Beijing, they photographed the city of Deauville, empty, silent and at night. A new perception of Deauville, mixing still images and videos.

« The literary genre of lost worlds includes fantastic or science fiction works whose intrigue relates to the discovery of a new world, out of known space, out of time. At night, the camera reveals landscapes that do not exist with the naked eye. The slow recording required for photography reveals the veiled colors of the night, and thus discovers hidden and imaginary worlds on the outskirts of our cities, recalling the myth of Atlantis ».


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