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Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

To the question "How to classify the music of Loya You could answer that trying to do it is a mistake. An artist apart in the French scene, he is not the first multi-instrumentalist to explore his roots to pass them to the spectrum of synthetic music. On the other hand, his first album "Eruption" poses him as the only representative of electro maloya, ritual and post-industrial at the same time.

A multi-instrumentalist from Reunion who has gone through jazz and African music, Sébastien Lejeune discovers electronic music in mainland France. These are the great hours of theIntelligent Dance Music of the heralds of the label Warp Records that will deeply mark him, especially the naive melodies of Plaid et Boards of Canada. During a trip of almost initiatory value in his native land, Sébastien becomes Loya. And from his learning of machines, he draws music halfway between tradition and modernity. Reunionese Maloya, Mauritian séga and Tamil music are played at a footwork tempo, the roll of traditional Maloya is confronted with rhythm machines and synthesizers harmonize the inhabited voices of the singers of these lost islands of the Indian Ocean.

Loya is a winner of the Normandy Booster 2016 scheme and supported by SMAC le Cargö since May 2016.