Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Trying to classify into a genre Loya's music is certainly a mistake. Unique artist in the French panorama, he is not the first multiinstrumentalist to explore his roots through synthesized music, but his first album titled “Eruption” made him the unique representative of maloya electronic music, which is traditional and post-industrial at the same time.

Sébastien Lejeune, a multi-instrumentalist from Réunion playing jazz and African music, discovered electronic music in the mainland. It was the era of the Intelligent Dance Music of the Warp Records label’s artists, who deeply marked his experience, namely the Plaid and Boards of Canada. During an almost initiation journey in his native land, Sébastien became Loya. And from his technological experience, he produced a music that is in the middle between tradition and modernity. Maloya from Réunion, séga from Mauritius and tamoul music are played in footwork’s tempo, the roulèr of the traditional maloya competes with drum machines and the synthesizers give harmony to the voices expressing the singers of these islands lost in the Indian Ocean.

Loya is the laureate of Normandy region device Booster 2016 and is supported by the SMAC le Cargö since May 2016.