Claire Loup

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Claire Loup was born in Paris in 1982, but spent the first 17 years of her life in Montreuil, city of Hope, talking manouche (gypsy language). After obtaining her baccalaureate in Literature, she has been shortly studying art history, and became make-up artist of rock groups. She resumed her studies in Modern Literature for short time, she sang in a group and had an arm tattooed, obtained her taekwondo yellow belt learned Italian, had a son and has started working as writer, toy columnist, then organizer of writing workshops. At the same time, she writes novels trying to keep her cat away from the keyboard.

Run Billie - Claire Loup - Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
On the evening of their first concert at the legendary Bataclan, the members of pop-rock group Run Billie are over the moon. Such a glory in such a short time! But just before the show, their dream breaks: Billie, the group singer, has disappeared. What has happened to her? Kidnapping? Suicide? Detective Luka Prajnic runs the investigation, taking deposition from JB, Dams and Moosh, the drummer, dating with her, and all the entourage of the young woman. Who is Billie? What was she looking for, and could not get from success?
Questions, letters, e-mails... a shape-shifting novel drawing the portrait of a young enigmatic girl. It deals with social divide, love, friendship, origins and popularity. It’s an addictive psychological suspense book written by a young author!