Skate park and multi-sport fields

Board and roller skating rink

Promenade Michel d'Ornano


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Opening days and times

Opening dateFrom 01 Jan 2019 datetill 31 Dec 2019

Opening days and times :

The new skate park inaugurated in June 2009 has a surface of 500 m2 to skate, use a scooter or play bicycle motocross. There’s a 2.20-m bowl used to make high-speed "figure 8" shapes. It is connected to a street part with two back-to-back ramps and slides, low walls and steps. This area respects the safety rules and is then suitable to people of any age, both beginners and experienced players. It also includes a 240m2 friendly area. These facilities situated close to the “Place des Fusillés” behind the “Club Mer et Sports” also include two playgrounds used by the Deauville teenagers all-year-round to play football and basketball.