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Tourgéville beach

Beach, Supervised beach

Louis Delamare Promenade


Tourgéville beach stretches out in length in the Augeronne countryside. At its northern end, this beach is very popular between Deauville and Bénerville-sur-Mer. Horses gallop there morning and evening. The sunset over the Channel is majestic.

Access to the beach is via Avenue de la Terrasse and its perpendicular streets.
Paid parking at the roundabout at Avenue de la Terrasse and Boulevard Cornuché.
Free places are available in the small adjacent streets.
Access to animals is prohibited from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. all year round.
Dogs are allowed on the promenade when they are kept on a leash.

The beach is monitored from July 1 to August 31 every day from 11:30 a.m. to 18:30 p.m.
First aid station located at the border between Bénerville-sur-Mer and Tourgéville.
In case of a problem, call:

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