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Mireille Hoffmann - Voice Coach and Yoga Teacher


Du General de Gaulle street 26
The Villare



-Singer in the duo INSTANT COCKTAIL

-Teacher of singing and vocal technique Graduated from the National Directory of Professional Certifications, trained in the Singing Voice & Body approach

-Professor of yoga certified by the French Federation of Green Yoga

It is on the path of singing and yoga among others, that I enjoy transmitting with passion and benevolence.

When we talk to you about singing, we immediately think of performance, of aesthetics. Of course, it's more fun when it's mastered! But all of this remains subjective and what I want above all through the internships and the courses is to make the person meet with himself, with his voice like a diamond in the rough. Throughout my journey, this is what emerges: I have never been so happy today since I understood how my voice works in the body. Learning vocal technique goes beyond knowing a technique, it's an art of daily living, and the joy of discovering new sensations within us. In my opinion, it is a real inner richness, a daily well-being that I will never cease to transmit.

The voice is part of our body, impossible for us to dissect ourselves to see what is put in place when we sing!

It is for this reason that I am sensitive to explorations through, for example, the technique of the straw, which offers a visual feedback of our way of producing a sound (technique of vocal rehabilitations by speech therapists). To awaken our sensations, warm-ups inspired by yoga techniques and other gentle bodily techniques will be another way of making our voice available. Thanks to this, it becomes easier to act directly on the various locks that hamper our vocal potential, such as those of the larynx, tongue, pelvis, jaw, ... From there, we can access more possibilities to explore the different vocal aesthetics. like the belt, the mixed voice, the twang,… with exercises from the great pedagogues and research work taken up by Emmanuelle Trinquesse.

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