Municipal library of Touques

Library / Multimedia library

2 rue de Verdun



Documents available for loaning: books, magazines (except for the magazine of the month or the week), audio CDs, CD-Roms, DVDs, table games (about sixty games for anybody from 2 to 99). You can consult on site the following items: dictionaries, encyclopaedias, books marked with a red dot, magazines of the month or the week, and freely surf on the Internet, send e-mails, use a software for personal projects, copy photos on a USB key, play online… computers, tablets, scanner and a headset are available. The Boîte Numérique: the Bibliothèque du Calvados also proposes, in partnership with 64 libraries of the department, including Touques, online contents accessible 24 hours per day on computers, tablets or smartphones: films, magazines, books, music, training sessions are accessible from your place.

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