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Embark on the François Monique, an ancient fishing boat of the roadstead of Brest built in 1936!
Admire the Côte fleurie from the sea and participate to the manoeuvres if you want. The François Monique was built at the Chantier du Fret by Auguste Tertu and was launched for the first time on September 16, 1935, for the roadstead of Brest. It was ordered by Hervé Salaün, scallop fisherman who also collected maërl (limestone sand) to improve the quality of lands and a red seaweed to fertilize fields. It had several owners until it was acquired by Franck Brize in 2008 and brought to Deauville. Franck Brize founded association Petit Foc, then started to restore the boat. He was helped by volunteers and supported by public organizations and local partners. The appearance of fishing boats of the roadstead of Brest was restored using colours and the ancient rigging.
It was called "François Monique" to pay tribute to François Kermarrec, the first sailor on this boat, and Monique, the niece of Hervé Salün.
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