Deauville Yacht Club - June 19 > 22, 2019


For the 17th edition, about thirty Dragon sailing boats meet to sail for 4 days on a technical course off Deauville.

The Linkers Open de France de Dragon makes part of the greatest European sailing events. It gathers every year a high-level team including international champions that come from all over Europe to challenge the most prestigious French sailing clubs.

The Dragon, a three-man crew racing keelboat, was built at the end of the 1920s by Norwegian architect and sailing competitor Johan Anker. The Dragon has rapidly been chosen as the perfect boat for sailing races. It also became in 1948 the official keelboat of the Olympic Games. This sailing boat with refined lines has been modernized over the years. It transcended fashion to retain customers, who fell in love with its elegant lines.

Dragon fleets may be found everywhere in France, but the Deauville Yacht Club is proud of being the oldest Dragon fleet in France. It exists since 1951!