18 octobre 2019

Liberté Enchères is the first auction company in Deauville: we were delighted to meet them

Liberté Auctions has just been born. This auction company will organize auctions in Deauville, Trouville, Honfleur and Paris in emblematic heritage locations in each city. The themes of each sale will echo the current events of the cities - events, activities, festivals. So much for the concept. In the background, a long history of friendship and a communicative enthusiasm for everything related to art.

Liberté Enchères: the name is the affirmation of a desire for a flexible professional life free from the constraints of large structures.

Eléonore Chalmin is a graduate of the Ecole du Louvre. She very quickly chose to work for the auction world where she was able to live out her passion for medieval and Renaissance art. After a few years at Tajan, she took charge of the development of Deauville Auction (Artcurial), a branch of the French thoroughbred auction house, where she conducted sales on the theme of horses and sales of modern paintings. Then it was Daguerre where she worked as a consultant until very recently to organize sales in Paris as well as in Deauville, always on the same theme.

September 1, 2019 marks the end of this very enthusiastic period in the service of these large auction houses. She chooses to create her own company by associating with her lifelong friend, Olivier Collin de Bocage, founder of "Paris Enchères". He was the youngest auctioneer in France, and the first to open an auction room a few steps from Drouot. They remained friends and kept the desire to work together. From their friendship was born Liberté Enchères. The name is the affirmation of a desire for a flexible professional life, free from the constraints of large structures.

For their first sale, they have chosen to set up shop at the Normandy Barrière in Deauville and to offer photographs that echo the Planche(s) Contact festival.
Each year, two sales will be devoted to photography, two others to jewelry and watches. One sale will be dedicated to design, a second to modern paintings and a third to horses.

Liberté Enchères will offer multiple services for its clients: for example, jewelry can be cut to the size desired by a buyer. For art objects, sellers will be able to have them restored, cleaned and delivered.

They have joined the inDeauville network which will allow them to rely on a powerful internet platform to advertise their calendar. On their side, they will promote the events associated with their sales beyond our borders and especially in Paris.

Mauritius 1996, vogue cover, 3/8JB Lorieux
Naomi Campbell 1990 Albert Watson
Naomi Campbell 1990 Albert Watson

They dream of selling:

A work that everyone thought had disappeared, that we could rediscover.

They love their job and especially :

Castle sales: an expression that designates auctions held in the sellers' homes. They like this very special contact with their clients and the stories behind each item put up for sale.

This is their region!

The word liberty and the dove which symbolizes peace are a tribute to Normandy, land of the fight for freedom.

Two privileged places:

The André Malraux Museum in Le Havre for the wall of works by Eugène Boudin... and soon The Franciscans...
The beach of Deauville, an invitation to paint.


Liberté Auctions
Paris Enchères
Phone : 06 13 55 87 40

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