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1875> 1881
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1875> 1881

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Three sisters from the Somme and from a pious family, ADELE, JOSEPHINE AND MARIE-ANTOINETTE MERIGAULT decide to invest in charity works by founding a hospital for sailors and helping the children of sailors who disappeared at sea. Unable to find the necessary land in Trouville - where they lived until the death of their customs father, they opted in 1875 for Deauville, which then had a lot of free land on either side of the church.

They build the first building - the Saint Joseph building - then transform their project into an orphanage for the daughters of sailors.
After having suffered several refusals from religious communities to take care of children, the Franciscan nuns of Notre-Dame de Pitié in Perrou (Orne) accepted the proposal. Four sisters arrived in Deauville on June 29, 1878 with limited means. They founded in 1881 the COMMUNITY OF THE FRANCISCANS OF NOTRE-DAME DE LA PITIE DE DEAUVILLE.

The community cares for orphans, cares for the sick and receives donations. New buildings were built in 1883 and 1897, notably with the help of the Biesta-Monrival family.

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