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Normandes en tête is a gathering of active Norman women open to all, created in 2011 on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of Normandy. Its objective is to bring together Norman women to allow them to exchange, give them new keys to develop their professional life and new sources of inspiration. Six editions have followed, each March 8, bringing together more than 1000 women and 30 speakers since its creation.

In 2011:
A first edition which won the enthusiasm of the participants (with the testimonies of Dominique Brichard, president of the association l'Enfant course, Christine Villotte, mayor of Tourville en auge, Stéphanie de Bazelaire, manager of Normandie Cabling Informatique in Le Havre and Mona Guichard, director of Trident, the national stage of Cherbourg + a carte blanche to the Normandie Pionnières association which advises and supports women entrepreneurs.

In 2012:
Politics (Nathalie Goulet, senator), medicine (Véronique Bouté, doctor specializing in breast cancer imaging at the François Baclesse center in Caen), bank (Nicole Gourmelon, general manager of Crédit Agricole Normandie), childcare (Marie Morvan, creator of the Café des Mouflets in Rouen), Marie Claude Grussen and Agathe Savioz, from the national Force Femmes network which helps women over 45 to find a job and start their own business. 5 witnesses, 5 great meetings which will continue notably with the creation of a conference day on breast cancer in the Senate a few months later. Jacqueline Franjou, Executive Director of the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society, came to present the forum to the participants and to recall the essential role of women in development issues. At the end of this meeting, the participants met on the Presqu'ile de la Touques to plant the tree of the Women's forum, a link between two events in Deauville.

In 2013:
Normandes en tête welcomes for the first time a high-level sportswoman (the skipper Claire Pruvot), a star of the kitchen (Sophie Dudemaine, author notably of the best seller: Sophie's cakes, Sophie's terrines…) as well as Chrstine Maros , creator and director of Evolua Formation in Caen and Olivia Levasseur, director of the EDF thermal power plant in Le Havre. Carte blanche is given to the Soroptimist association (which brings together 3000 women worldwide) and around thirty women involved in the life of their city in Deauville and Trouville. The afternoon ends with a tribute to Suzanne Noël, the first French woman plastic surgeon and founder of the Soroptimist network in 1924. The tree planted in tribute receives its winter leaves: messages from participants addressed to women around the world .
NET continues throughout the year with two workshops in June and November to give women the avenues for professional and personal development ("Knowing yourself better, managing your energy better" and "Developing self-esteem ", Moderated by Isabelle Bancal Duvillard, behavioral coach. 120 women participated in these workshops.



In 2014:
Year of hosting the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, the fourth edition of Normandes en tête takes place at the Deauville La Touques racecourse and is devoted to the horse with 5 women engaged in the equine field: Axelle Maître, secretary general of the Pays d'Auge racing company (Clairefontaine racecourse), Cricket Head, owner, breeder and trainer of racing horses (Trêve, of which she is the trainer, won the prestigious Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe in 2013 and 2014 ), Sophie Lemaire, director of the Haras national du Pin, Astrid Cantrel, farrier and Laurence Meunier, president of the Hippolia horse industry competitiveness cluster and breeder.

In 2015:
For the first time Normandes en tête takes place over a day, organized in partnership with Equilibre, the network of alumni from EM Normandie.
In the morning, two workshops of your choice were offered, of your choice: How to balance professional and personal life? (moderated by Sabrina Tanquerel, research professor at the School of Management in Normandy and How to operate in a network for the optimization of its objectives? (moderated by Frédérique Cintrat is the author of "How ambition comes to girls")
After a lunch / networking, the afternoon was devoted to the testimonies of Adeline Lescanne Gautier, CEO of Nutriset, Béatrice Robert, principal of the Lycée Schuman-Perret in Le Havre, Scholastique Mukasonga, author and Marina Maunoury Lachèvre, creator and CEO of the Start up Margotte Tournicotte in Colombelles. The day ended with a presentation of the recently created Normandy Welcome association.

In 2017:
The international association Soroptimist has designed with the City of Deauville a program on the theme of well-being and sport. Beyond highlighting successes, the objective is to give the keys to a fulfilling environment for everyone and to help each other. On the program for this day: workshops for yourself with yoga or wellness advice, energy coaching, conference, networking… A round table led by Marie-Laure Neveu - secretary general of the Normandy Golf League - on the theme of "Women in sport ”will also be offered. The opportunity to hear the testimonies of Lisa Bourdon, 2016 world champion in horse-ball team, Émilie Piquot, golfer.

Among the women witnesses since the creation of this meeting:
Claire Pruvot, navigator // Christine maros, entrepreneur// Olivia Levasseur, Director of the EDF Thermal power plant in Le Havre // Sophie dudemaine, chef // Nathalie Goulet, senator and lawyer at the Paris Bar // Marie Le Mor-van, Company manager "Le café des mouflets" // Véronique Bouté, Specialized doctor in senology at the François Baclesse center in Caen // Nicole gourmelon, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Normandie // Agathe Savioz, national manager of the regional offices and Marie-Claude Grüssen, delegate of the Caen office, represent the “Force Femmes” association // Mona Guichard, director of the Trident, the national stage of Cherbourg // Christine villotte, Mayor of Tourville en Auge // Dominique brichard, psychotherapist and President of the association l'Enfant bleu // Stephanie de Bazelaire, at the head of the company NCI (Nomandie Cabling Informatique) in Le Havre // Florence Canler and Corinne Chate-lain of the Normandie Pionnières association // Axelle Master, general secretary of the Pays d'Auge racing society (Clairefontaine racecourse) // Cricket head, owner, breeder and trainer of racing horses // Sophie lemaire, director of the Haras national du Pin // Astrid cantrel, blacksmith // Laurence Meunier, president of the Hippolia horse industry competitiveness cluster and breeder // Adeline Lescanne Gautier, Director of Nutriset in Malaunay // Beatrice Robert, principal of the Lycée Schuman-Perret in Le Havre // Scholastic Mukasonga, author // Marina Maunoury Lachèvre, creator and CEO of the Start up Margotte Tournicotte in Colombelles.