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Namsa Leuba

Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2011

© Namsa Leuba, for Contact Board (s) 2011, Deauville
© Namsa Leuba, for Contact Board (s) 2011, Deauville


Namsa Leuba was born in Switzerland. In 2011, she completed her studies in visual communication in the photography section at ECAL, Ecole Cantonale d¹Art de Lausanne. In 2010, the Planks Contact jury awarded her the prize for photography school students, so she won 3000 euros, a two-week artist residency in Deauville and a solo exhibition, held in the garden of the old library. associative, which adjoins the Town Hall of Deauville. His project was to illustrate the fascination of exotic forms in Deauville. 

"For this project relating to Deauville, my support was the beach, where I produced these images depicting people and objects made from materials found on the spot. I wanted to offer a different and personal reading of this place through the reinterpretation of its primary use."

Winner of the Louis Roederer Foundation Prize at the Festival Planche (s) Contact 2010