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David Lescot

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

David Lescot is an author, director and musician. He has won numerous prizes, including the Grand Prize for dramatic literature in 2008 for The European, the Molière of theatrical revelation in 2009 for The Central Children's Commission and the SACD Theater Prize in 2015. He is an associate artist at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. His plays are published by Actes Sud-Papiers, and edited and performed in different languages. At “Heyoka Jeunesse”, he has already published I'm too afraidIn 2014.

Master - David Lescot - Actes Sud Papiers
In a college class, the teacher announces an oral question on the subject taught: hip-hop culture. The designated student must cite major works, big names, important dates. Quickly, the practice takes precedence over theory, the student and the teacher begin to rap and the exam turns to clash, to battle, to the graffiti contest.