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The Voices of the Drum

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

PHILO & LES VOIX DU TAMBOUR is an artistic and educational project that brings together tradition, improvisation and composition to enchant us, question us or move us in the manner of Eugène MONA, a GUEM, a Danyèl WARO… In Martinique , in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Réunion ... the TAMBOUR, "excavated wood" or barrel, whether it is Juba, Ka, Konga, Roulèr, Atabak ... it is the sounding board of the same story. ! It symbolizes cultural resistance to all forms of oppression such as the slave trade or colonization. LeBèlè, Gwoka, Kassé-kô, Maloya… true choreographic, vocal and instrumental alchemy are passers of memory, witnesses of history.