From remarkable villas to the Cliffs of the Black Cow, through the personalities and artists who have marked the destination through their passage, set off with the guides from the tourist information offices to discover the emblematic places that still create history today. and stories to share inDeauville.


A calendar of thematic visits is proposed from February to November: all the dates of the guided visits at the bottom of the page.

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Deauville, History and heritage

from May to October

Go on a fabulous journey back in time since 1860, the date of the creation of Deauville by the Duke of Morny. Since then, the seaside resort has continued to evolve and has forged an international reputation. Discover its history and some of its most beautiful monuments between modernity and preserved architecture.

> 2 km - 1h30

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Fun guided tour: Deauville and its puzzles

april to august
Like a little detective, decipher the clues sown on your way ... The route through town takes children to meet essential places, personalities and the history of Deauville. At each stage, they will have to complete a booklet made up of games, puzzles and other questions allowing them to discover the city while having fun.

> 1h30

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Deauville, architecture and villas

from april to october
It is all the richness of the seaside architecture which is proposed on this course of the most beautiful villas of the city.

> 1h30

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Deauville the inspirer

Like outdoor painters and impressionists, many creators, writers, photographers and filmmakers drew their inspiration from Deauville, influenced by the sea and the light, the atmosphere and the ambiance of the city. Follow in the footsteps of these emblematic artists inspired by Deauville.

> 1h30

Secret stories of the seaside villas of Villers-sur-Mer

from may to november

At the end of the 19th century, Villers-sur-Mer became a fashionable destination for sea bathing and good Parisian society. The seafront is redesigned to offer a pleasant and mundane stroll, villas more original than the others rise from the ground to impress the neighbor and assert his status. Like theaters and operas in the XNUMXth century, seaside resorts were popular for seeing and being seen. Along the streets that often bear the names of the pioneers of Villers, come and discover the anecdotes that mark the history of the city.

> 2,5 km - 2h

Discovery of the Black Cow cliffs

from February to August
Go back in time on this exceptional paleontological site which will reveal its secrets to you. A family stroll with an introduction to fossil collecting.

> 3 km - 2h

Villers-sur-Mer during the war

in May and October
Discover Villers-sur-Mer under occupation. Relive and understand the life of Villersois during this period of waiting and life with the occupant through the places and streets borrowed from this painful time. 

> 4 km - 2h

The Saint-Martin church of Villers-sur-Mer and its glass roofs

from april to october
Too small to accommodate summer visitors, the church was rebuilt from 1872 thanks to donations from parishioners and service members. Its windows are classified as Historic Monuments. True "glass walls, made by the Ebroïcien workshop Duhamel-Marette, they are one of the Bas-Norman masterpieces of the end of the 19th century.

> 300 m - 1h30

The soul of Villers-sur-Mer

from march to november
How does a small village between land and sea become a popular seaside resort on the Côte Fleurie? Why brick? Why so much fantasy? Discover the heritage and architecture of seaside development through the example of Villers-sur-Mer, from the first villas of the 19th century to the last constructions of the 2000s. History of an old village become a seaside resort without losing your soul.

> 3 km - 2h

Beach secrets

from july to october
What are the ears for? Who is hiding under the sand? Why does the sea rise and fall every day? So many secrets revealed during this visit under the sign of the sea to discover a surprising coastline for its biodiversity and its contrasting landscapes.

> 3 km - 1h30

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Taste the Pays d'Auge

from april to october
Walk the hollow paths of Villers-sur-Mer for a taste of the Pays d'Auge! A particular basement, a landscape shaped by water, here the common thread of the visit. An immersion in the terroir which continues on arrival with a tasting of traditional products made on the farms of the Auge region.

> 6 km - 3h

© Julien Boisard

Crossing the Vaches Noires cliffs

From July to August
From Villers to Houlgate, take the beach and discover the panorama of the Vaches Noires cliffs, a unique landscape on the French coast. A geological discovery during an unusual journey with an introduction to fossil collection.
> 6 km - 3h30

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Between beach and marsh of Blonville

From July to August

The marsh of Blonville-Villers is revealed. Link between land and sea, the coastal marsh is a territory with a particular fauna and flora. During this visit, discover the birds, mammals, insects, plants that make up this unique landscape.

> 2,5 km - 2h

© Joel Lefebvre

Deauville and the Cinema

The filming locations, the houses of the vacationing actors and the anecdotes that enameled the filming and festivals of Deauville. A great opportunity also to evoke the history of the barriers on the boards in the names of the American actors.
> 1h30


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