To the delight of walkers, Deauville presents a variety of atmospheres and natural or more organized landscapes. Among these, the squares of Deauville where it is pleasant to make a stop and let time run out.


© Delphine Barré Lerouxel

The town hall square

The Town Hall was built in 1880 according to the plans of the Versailles architect Saintin, proposing a Beaux-Arts style building and located in the center of an enclosed garden. After the Second World War, the municipality, wishing to adapt the building to the regional identity of the station, entrusted its "Normanization" to the architect Albert Guy. These transformations are accompanied by the reconstruction of the east wing, a polygonal staircase turret and the layout of the destroyed enclosure in a square.

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© Sandrine Boyer Angel

Square François André

This square was laid out in 1945 opposite the main entrance to the Normandy hotel. Designed as a regionalist garden, planted with apple trees, it is crisscrossed with paths which converge, in the center of the composition, towards a bronze bust of François André erected in 1964. This work, tribute to the successor of Eugène Cornuché, director of the Deauville hotel and casino company (current Barrière group), is made by a former student of Bourdelle Don.

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© Delphine Barré Lerouxel

The square of the Saint-Augustin church

In 1914, a square was built in front of the Saint-Augustin church according to the plans of the architect Georges Madeline, on the site of the customs building. Two perpendicular motorized tracks cross it and delimit three pieces of grass, crisscrossed by pedestrian walkways. Each room is decorated with flower beds, trees and shrubs of local species, to which are added in 1969 non-native plantations, including poplars from Italy and black pines from Austria.

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