Oysters or shrimp? Scallops from the Seine Bay or chicken from the Auge Valley? The menu of the Norman restaurateur is mouth watering. From aperitifs to meats, fish, seafood, dairy products and other sweet treats, Normandy is full of exceptional dishes. Deauville, nestled between sea and land, provides access to this unique regional gastronomy.

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Land by the sea, Normandy is generously provided with fish and crustaceans. First oyster-producing region, turbots, sole, Saint-Pierre are found in its fishing nets. The scallops also make its reputation.

Its fertile soil also gives it a real agricultural richness, allowing the production of exceptional dishes like tripe à la mode de Caen or andouille de Vire.

In the Pays d'Auge, chickens, oxen and lambs go perfectly with the three local alcohols: Pommeau, Calvados and Cider. For the latter, the producers of Auger select 50 varieties of apples among 750 to obtain the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) for the beverage. Normandy is the first cider region in France. The local aperitif, the Pommeau, was born from the meeting of apple must and Calvados forgotten at the bottom of a barrel.

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Who says Normandy, also says dairy products. The use of butter and cream in many dishes made the reputation of Norman cuisine. But the most famous dairy products remain the four regional cheeses. Smooth, Pont l'Évêque is the oldest of Norman cheeses. It is recognizable by its square shape. The Livarot turns out to be more structured on the palate. Finally, the king of the plateau remains the Camembert. The famous round cheese was developed by gourmets and sommeliers. In addition to this AOC-labeled trilogy, Neufchâtel is added. The young girls of the Pays de Bray would have offered this little heart of milk to their suitors during the 100 Years War ...

If you fall for a dessert, Normandy will serve you its famous apple tart topped with a little cream or "teurgoule". This cinnamon-flavored rice pudding cooked over low heat for five hours is a marvel! Fancy a little treat? You will melt for the salted butter caramel of Isigny sur mer.

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