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© City of Deauville
© City of Deauville
© Elizabeth Parker

Address number 1!

Two kilometers of beach, 450 umbrellas, 450 cabins, an Olympic swimming pool, two harbors, a sailing school, a tennis club, multiple leisure activities, 22 shops, the Deauville seafront looks like a vast organized, well-oiled, qualified company, the nerve center of which is the waterfront service (Place Claude Lelouch). This information "HQ" is municipal and in touch with everything that is happening on and near the water. We welcome, provide information, and manage all day, all year round: water temperature, tide times, where to picnic, the calendar of events, maps to help you find your way around, the weather. tomorrow… It is also there that parasols, deck chairs and beach cabins can be rented for periods ranging from the day to the full season. In short, the essential address.

© Elizabeth Parker

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Your children will be able to find their way thanks to the large masts overhung by a boat, a house, a balloon ...

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