Pays d'Auge - July 18th > August 12th, 2018

Sixteen unusual concerts are organized from half-July to half-August in castles, stud farms, churches, chapels, parks and gardens.

A creation
On May 24th, at the Lisieux Cathedral, the extraordinary chords written by Bruno Coulais in tribute to Claude Debussy and “Gardens in the Rain” resound for the first time. The creation of contemporary “Gardens” will have gathered, since September 2017, about 200 children attending conservatories and/or master’s degrees of Lisieux, Alençon, Saint-Saëns or the Orchestre Régional de Normandie, under the direction of Jean Deroyer. Our association has committed one of the best composers of the current era to approach younger generations independently from time and geographical barriers. “Gardens” actually represents one the main principles of the Musical Strolls: connecting people through music and beauty.

16 concerts, 16 places, 16 discoveries
The first centenary of the death of Claude Debussy as well as the 350th anniversary of the death of François Couperin are celebrated. These artists are the common thread of the program. An exploration of the French music is complemented with beautiful digressions: Mozart and Beethoven are associated to the Corsican polyphonies. The objective is fascinating, astonishing, fulfilling the public. The objective: make you leave the theatre happier than when you arrived. To reach this objective, the best artists and the most delicate, unusual and surprising places have been selected to create a magic atmosphere.