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Pays d'Auge - July 18> August 12, 2018

Sixteen unusual concerts from mid-July to mid-August to stroll to the music of castles in stud farms, churches in chapels, parks in gardens.

A creation
On May 24th, in the Cathedral of Lisieux will resound for the first time the marvelous chords written by Bruno Coulais in homage to Claude Debussy and to "Jardins sous la Pluie". The creation of these contemporary "Gardens" will have brought together, since the start of the 2017 school year, and on a regional scale, nearly 200 children from the conservatories and / or master's degrees of Lisieux, Alençon, Saint-Saëns as well as the Normandy Regional Orchestra , all under the direction of Jean Deroyer. This order from our association with one of the best composers of today is a good illustration of our desire to reach out to the younger generations, over time and across borders of all kinds. "Gardens" expresses indeed one of the essential motivations of the action of the Walks: to link by music and to unite the public by beauty.

16 concerts, 16 places, 16 discoveries
Claude Debussy, whose centenary of death we commemorate, and François Couperin (350th birthday) will be the sort of red thread of the program. An exploration of French music, punctuated by beautiful digressions - Mozart and Beethoven responding to Corsican Polyphonies, the greatest pieces of the repertoire alongside the most amazing arrangements - all thought to seduce you, surprise you, fill you up. The goal: to make you leave each of the meetings happier than arriving there. To achieve this, the best artists and the most delicate, the most unusual and the most amazing places have been selected so that the essential magic of the meeting can work for you.