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Pays d'Auge - July 17> August 7, 2019

Fifteen unusual concerts from mid-July to early August to walk to the music of castles in stud farms, churches in chapels, parks in gardens ...

The Musical Walks offer unusual concerts each summer in places representative of the richness and diversity of the Pays d'Auge. From yesterday and today, from here and elsewhere, sacred and profane, learned and popular, music - sometimes enriched by dance and literature - leaves concert halls to enchant castles and stud farms, churches and chapels, factories and workshops, parks and gardens.

Chosen in correspondence with the identity of each place, the musical repertoire is interpreted by artists of international renown as well as by young talents starting their professional career. A large place is given to performers and musical groups in the region. At the end of most of the concerts, musicians and listeners meet to visit the places in the company of owners, historians and heritage organizers, then to share the products of a generous terroir.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Festival, the Culture et Patrimoine en Pays d'Auge association is planning a tailor-made program, to be discovered soon!

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