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Funding for the Planches Contact Festival, an event imagined by the City of Deauville and organized by Les Franciscaines, is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Normandy, the Normandy Region, the Departmental Council of Calvados, and by patrons and private partners.


Deconcentrated service of the Ministry of Culture and Communication placed under prefectural authority, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs implements government cultural policy at the regional level. With the expertise of its various departments, it supports artistic creation and its dissemination to all audiences. It also takes care of the cultural dimension of regional planning and the protection of the movable, real estate and archaeological heritage. Finally, it examines the grant applications issued by the various cultural players and provides them with an observation and control role. She is supporting Planches Contact for the seventh year.

Attentive to consolidating photography in its territory, the Normandy Region has been supporting the Planches Contact festival in Deauville since 2013, which has become the main photography festival in Normandy and mainly attended by a Norman audience.

The departmental council of Calvados joined the institutional partners of the Planches Contact festival in 2015. It once again provides support for photographic creation and contributes to the influence of a department that has always welcomed and inspired photographers.

Created in 1999, the Society of Authors of Visual Arts and Fixed Image - Saif - is a civil society whose mission is to defend, collect and distribute the rights of visual arts authors. It collects collective rights on behalf of its authors (private copying, reprography rights, library lending rights and cable television) and also intervenes for the management of other copyright (audiovisual rights, Internet rights, copyright law). suite, reproduction right and public presentation right). Today it represents more than 7 authors of all visual arts: architects, designers, photographers, draftsmen, illustrators, graphic designers, painters, plastic artists, sculptors, etc. 
Since its creation, Saif has worked for the protection and defense of copyright and has maintained a permanent dialogue with broadcasters and national and international institutions to make the voice of authors heard; it also plays an important role in artistic and cultural vitality in France by supporting actions to aid the creation and dissemination of works, training actions for artists and the development of artistic and cultural education.


 The Swiss watch brand Longines is proud to present for the third consecutive year the photographic competition of La 25e heures Longines in Deauville. This event, which is held every year on the occasion of the changeover to winter time, invites participants to take a snapshot of the city, between midnight and XNUMX a.m. time of day. 
On this occasion, the brand with the winged hourglass is honored to present its new Longines Spirit collection, which has been designed in the same vein as the precision instruments that have accompanied famous pioneers in their conquest of the air, the sea or the land. Legendary aviators and explorers such as Amelia Earhart, Paul-Emile Victor, Elinor Smith and Howard Hughes thus placed their trust in Longines during their journeys. These new timepieces which bear witness to this pioneering spirit, and pay a vibrant tribute to these exceptional men and women who, through a record, a feat, a burst of courage, have marked history and are pushing the new generations to Excel. The models in the Longines Spirit collection are equipped with cutting-edge technology offering extremely precise movements, all of which are “chronometer” certified.

The IDEC GROUP, founded and chaired by Patrice LAFARGUE is made up of 20 companies with complementary professions: developer, promoter, designer-builder, investor and creator of energy solutions. Its subsidiaries operate in the logistics, commercial, residential or tertiary real estate, agrifood, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.
The IDEC GROUP very early understood the virtues of sponsorship and patronage. 
These “adventures” have given rise to real human stories and a shared passion between people, which have made it possible to forge extraordinary links within the Group. Thus, behind the Chairman of GROUPE IDEC, men and women, proud to be able to defend causes and get involved by sharing moments of intense emotion. The company's social commitment is not an obligation but just a duty. 
Appreciated by photographers and lovers of “Beauty” for a long time, the IDEC GROUP is proud to associate its name with the Tremplin Jeunes Talents, an original photography competition created and organized in Deauville, with a prestigious and passionate jury.

Sanef and its Norman subsidiary Sapn, manager of the A13 motorway (Paris-Caen), are key players in regional development. 
The group's mission is to promote the economic, cultural and tourist dynamism of the territories it crosses and has for many years been pursuing an active policy of sponsorship in the region. 
Its objective is to help promote cultural events to attract new audiences.
The Sanef group has also chosen to commit to professional integration to promote the return to employment of people in great difficulty. He created bridges between his cultural patronage and his solidarity commitments, convinced that culture creates links and helps reintegration.
For the fourth year in a row, the Sanef group is supporting the eleventh edition of the “Planches Contact” Photography festival, organized for the City of Deauville, from October 17, 2020 to January 3, 2021.

The photo4food foundation's mission is to fund meals for the most disadvantaged through the sale of art photos donated by generous artists. The foundation, to thank and encourage them, also promotes their work to a large community of enthusiasts and buyers. Photo4food organizes exhibitions of the main works and charity dinners. 
This year, photo4foof is supporting the work of four photographers: Charlotte Bovy, Thomas Dhellemmes, Letizia Le Fur and Anaïs Tondeur in residence.
The photo4food foundation is housed by the Institut de France (French Academy, Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Letters, Academy of Sciences, Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Moral and Political Sciences).


Since 1983, Initial Labo has been a photographic laboratory whose mission is to support the photographer throughout his projects, from the development of his films to the installation of his exhibitions.
Initial Labo is now more than a laboratory. It is also a resource, sharing and experimentation place for photographers and photography enthusiasts. It offers a new perspective on photography and highlights photographers in order to establish a dialogue with a discerning amateur audience. The desire of Initial Labo is to offer exhibitions that honor photographers and their photographs through different mediums. For this first year and with his expertise, he is supporting the Planches Contact festival in its facilities.

Leica is an iconic German brand and manufacturer that has been designing and manufacturing high-end analog and digital cameras for over a century. The legendary status of the Leica is based on a long tradition of excellence in precision mechanics and optics, acquired since 1849. Inventor of the 35 mm (34x36) format in 1914, Leica shines thanks to an unwavering community of big names in photography, enthusiasts and aesthetes loyal to the LEICA house.
Commitment to PHOTOGRAPHY
Leica has always highlighted the diversity of views and creation of contemporary artists. Through its Leica Oskar Barnack Prize created in 1979, a network of 22 galleries around the world and a new Ernst Leitz Museum in Wetzlar (Germany) which consecrates the great masters of photography, Leica continues its commitment to photography.
As part of the Planches Contact Deauville festival, Leica is supporting Philippe Chancel's workshop.

Welcoming ten million travelers, visitors and residents every day calls for a strong commitment to constantly improve the quality of operations, imagine new services and modernize the heritage. SNCF Gares & Connexions has therefore chosen, since its creation, to place the cultural life of regions and cities at the heart of stations. Our conviction: art is an essential element in life, in personal enrichment and in better living together. In total, there are now more than fifty stations spread over the whole of the country which animate the daily life of travelers and residents throughout the year. 
Reference partner of the ImageSingulières, PhotoMed, La Gacilly, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Circulation (s) photographic festivals, multiplying the opportunities to introduce its audience to the remarkable festivals that take place across France, SNCF Gares & Connexions is proud to join forces again with the Planches Contact festival, which brings contemporary photography into line with the city of Deauville and its surrounding areas. Another way of transforming our stations into spaces of connections between territories, visitors, residents, travelers, and photography. 
From October 17 to January 3, reproductions of photographs taken in Deauville for Planches Contact 2020, will be visible at Paris Saint Lazare station.

The association is developing tourist exchanges to, from and with Asia Pacific. For the fourth time, it is joining the “25th Hour Longines” photo competition by offering two return plane tickets to Beijing or Shanghai to the winner of the competition.

The Planches Contact festival in Deauville resonates with the local context of the city. He has the immense quality of putting it into stories and images. He tells it about his life points and invites to share points of view. It makes the border between reality and fiction porous and encourages dreams. We are very happy to be a partner. It fully meets the values ​​of the Yves Rocher brand and its mission to reconnect everyone to Nature and their living environment.

A legendary hotel built in the 70s by Claude Lelouch, it has been completely redesigned and redecorated since it was acquired by the Floirat Group. Les Manoirs de Tourgéville, are the new charming and luxury destination of the Normandy Coast. Channel, Atlantic or Mediterranean, everywhere the establishments of the Floirat Group decline the same values ​​of quality, warmth and hospitality thanks to prime locations and naturally generous staff. 
The hotel, located in a peaceful and attractive 7-hectare park, is made up of a main half-timbered building and five Norman manor houses in a round shape, the first being dedicated to the panoramic restaurant "1899". It is at the Manoirs de Tourgéville restaurant that the members of the Planches Contact jury conduct their debates to elect the winners of the Tremplin Jeunes Talents.

Spontaneously, Morny's Café has become the restaurant for photographers. At noon, it brings together renowned photographers and young students from European photography schools around the same table. From this regular attendance was born a partnership driven by Hubert and Angéline Landeau, the owners of the time, to offer meals for the photographic residences. Olivia and Jonathan Siad, new owners since the summer of 2020, have continued this support since.