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You don't have to stay there to enjoy it. Whether you're having a drink at the bar, taking a gym class or just hanging out in the lobby, forays into these legendary hotels with their refined services and decor offer an exceptional and delicate interlude. Just walk through the door to see these treasures up close!

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Normandy, Royal, Golf: the charming trio of Deauville

At the beginning of the 20th century, Désiré le Hoc, Mayor of Deauville, wanted to breathe new life into the seaside resort. With the help of Eugène Cornuché, the famous owner of the Parisian restaurant "Maxim's", they built the casino and the prestigious Normandy and Royal hotels on the seafront, followed later by the Hôtel du Golf. From then on, personalities from the world of art, literature, politics, the press... arrived for their holidays.

Hotel Barrière Le Normandy Deauville *****
Hotel Barrière Le Royal Deauville *****
Hotel du Golf Deauville ****Fabrice Rambert

The Normandy, a refined cottage

"The Normandy? It's an Anglo-Norman cottage atmosphere

with Norman pine nuts and linen sheets, apple trees and Norman cows in his garden".

Théo Petit, architect

The construction of the Normandy Hotel, whose plans were drawn by the architect Théo Petit, was completed for the summer season of 1912. In 1925, the acquisition of land allowed for its extension to the north.
The Normandy Hotel is established according to an H-shaped plan allowing the development of interior courtyards. The facades display a Norman style (checkerboard composition and wood panelling). The picturesqueness of the building is reinforced by a main courtyard, called the "Norman courtyard", composed of lawns planted with apple trees. It is closed by a barrier on the street Gontaut-Biron by stores, including the one occupied by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel from 1913.
In November 2015, Le Normandy closed for the first time since its inauguration in 1912. A six-month interlude for a complete makeover. Completely emptied, craftsmen are working to restore the mythical hotel to its splendor while keeping its soul.
The rusticity of the exterior is contrasted with the modernity, refinement and comfort of the interior layout: the vast entrance hall, crowned by an elliptical ceiling supported by columns, the Louis XVI style woodwork in the bar, the ceiling and the ornamental panels in the restaurant, inspired by the decor of the Queen's playrooms in Fontainebleau.

Hotel Barrière Le Normandy Deauville

5 stars
38 Jean Mermoz Street
09 70 82 13 14

The Royal monumental

The success of the 1912 summer season prompted the Société des Hôtels et Casino de Deauville to add a second palace to the resort. Eugène Cornuché acquired the Villa La Louisiane, built in 1861 for the Duke of Morny, the founder of Deauville, from the Baroness d'Erlanger and built the Royal Hotel in its place. The building, designed by architects Théo Petit and Georges Wybo, was inaugurated in July 1913.
Built in a U-shape, the reinforced concrete hotel has seven levels and its monumental façade, animated by an axial and two lateral forebodies, faces the sea. The rigor of the elevation is mitigated by the variety of facings (checkerboard and wood panelling), projecting elements (columns, balconies, loggias) and openings (rectangular, arches supporting a semicircular vault or lowered...).
The crossing entrance hall connects the entrance courtyard to the sea side. It is animated by arched arcades, accentuated by pilasters and trumeaux (partitions between two bays) decorated with foliage wrapped around a stick. It distributes the bar and the dining room with its Empire style decor and open to the sea. The entrance on the courtyard side, punctuated with columns, gives access to the main staircase and to two side galleries, inspired by the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

Hotel Barrière Le Royal Deauville

5 stars
Boulevard Cornuché
09 70 80 95 55

the very Norman Hôtel du Golf

In 1927, the automobile, then in full expansion, authorized the construction outside the city center. The Art Deco style Hôtel du Golf was inaugurated in 1929. Surrounded by a vast 70-hectare park, an 18- and 9-hole golf course, designed by British architect Tom Simpson, was built. A second 9-hole course, designed by former British golf champion Henri Cotton, was added in 1964.
The work of the architects Georges Wybo, who had already designed the casino, and Eugène Lecompte, the modernity of this hotel is expressed by the simplicity of its volume and the use of concrete. Nevertheless, the chequered cladding on the first floor, the false wood panelling with its refined motifs on the upper parts and the flat tiles evoke the Norman style.
Inside, the history of Deauville is displayed on a series of marouflaged canvases hung on the walls of the bar, Chesterfield furniture and English tartans mingle with contemporary evocations of the Normandy region through giant sculptures of apples and horses, the grand staircase serves a mezzanine and an Art Deco railing.

Hotel Barrière L'Hôtel du Golf Deauville

4 stars
Mount Canisy
09 70 82 03 33
A hotel built on a legend

The Cures Marines, between baroque and modernity

The Hotel & Thalasso des Cures Marines are located in a wing of the neo-classical casino of Trouville-sur-Mer, built in 1912 and enlarged in 1927. This space was transformed into a municipal museum until 1956, into a marine cure center for about 20 years, then remained unoccupied until the opening of the Cures Marines in 2015. Two years of work and the addition of four levels were necessary.


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