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For three days, you will meet at the Villa Le Cercle (1 Rue le Marois, access via Boulevard Cornuché), a magnificent building in the Deauville heritage. It is both a place of information and a place of meeting. This is also where a large bookstore is located, with its publishers and reading areas.

Some meetings will also take place at the Point de Vue near the Olympic swimming pool, a stone's throw from Les Planches (Access by the car park for lais de mer), others at the Casino Barrière Theater within the Casino Barrière enclosure (Boulevard Horned).

Finally, the day of April 13, totally dedicated to the school audience, will take place at the Deauville International Center (1 Rue Lucien Barrière) where nearly 3000 students are expected.

All meetings are open access (except School Day).

Villa le Cercle

Festival HQ

Since the 2016 edition, the Villa le Cercle has become the focal point of the festival, from which the program radiates. Both a place for literary meetings and activities for young audiences, the Villa is also the main information point for the festival. This is also where bookstores and publishers settle, in a warm and generous atmosphere.