Children's parks, Fitness trail

Derrière le centre nautique



Strolling behind the “Promenade Michel d’Ornano” from the sailing centre, you can walk on the “lais de mer”, a vast park where you can relax under the sun on a bench. Go jogging on the fitness trail. Spend time with your family at the children’s play area.

At the beginning of last century, the beach was situated in front of the casino and the surrounding villas. In winter 1874-1875, during a severe storm, a pebble bed formed on the seashore. Covered by a sand layer in the following year, it started to be known as “lais de mer”.
In 1883, local shoreline landowners who wanted to preserve it from construction accepted a concession with the obligation to transform it into grassland. The “lais de mer” will be forever a playground for bathers, holidaymakers and sportsmen and women.

Lais de mer