The essentials in Thalasso

Fancy a wellness getaway? Head to the Thalasso, an ideal destination with its zen setting, relaxing massages and salty air. If the establishments each have their own specificity (slimming, detox, vitality), all of them offer traditional treatments based on seawater, algae and sea mud on their menu. Zoom on the 8 essentials to try during your stay.

Whirlpool or whirlpool bath: what difference?

Hydromassage bath Trouville Marine Cures

The most common treatment in Thalassos, the hydromassage bath immerses the spa guest up to the shoulders in sea water heated to 37 ° C. For 15 to 20 minutes, underwater jets massage the body from the nape of the neck to the feet.

For the whirlpool, the jets cause a gas and create thousands of small bubbles. Each treatment relaxes the muscles and recharges the body with trace elements and mineral salts. Depending on the center chosen, the baths are enriched with essential oils, sea salt crystals or seaweed jelly.

The jet shower tonic or the relaxing hydrojet

Hydrojet at Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm Stefan Mucchielli

If their names are similar, these two treatments are completely different. The jet shower is a must in Thalasso: with a firming and stimulating action, it consists of a powerful projection of sea water activated by a hydrotherapist, with which it massages the curist from the front, back and side following the direction of the blood circulation and the paths of the acupuncture meridians. The session lasts 10 minutes: fast and efficient. If it treats many pathologies (circulatory, muscular problems), the jet shower is particularly effective during slimming treatments. The jet targets the parts of the body where the fatty masses are located and models the silhouette by delocalizing the fat.

At its opposite total, the hydrojet is a dry massage, which takes place on a hot water mattress containing water jets that massage from head to toe. A feeling of floating on the rubber canvas for 20 minutes.

The virtues of algae and marine mud

Seaweed wrap with Thalazur Arcachon Thalazur

Thalassotherapy is not limited to seawater, elements characteristic of the marine environment such as algae and marine mud are also used in treatments, in particular wraps (fully covered body) and applications (partially covered body). Great classics of Thalassos, algae have an exceptional concentration of mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins (potassium, magnesium, iron ...) that they transmit upon contact with the skin.

Derived from marine sediments, marine mud is applied locally to the back and joints. Like algae, it has a high content of mineral salts and trace elements which is beneficial for relieving rheumatism and circulatory problems. They help fight rheumatism and relieve joint pain.

The essential scrub

Body scrub Deep nature

Exposed to air, pollution and the sun's rays, the skin is often left with blemishes. Thanks to its exfoliating action, the scrub optimizes the penetration of the active ingredients in all treatments, which is why it is interesting to do one before a massage. To awaken its radiance and get rid of dead cells that prevent it from breathing, Thalassos offer in their palette of treatments scrubs with benefits and virtues from elsewhere. Sweet and savory based on coconut and tiare flower, with mint or spices and cinnamon, but also a peel with grains of Dead Sea salts wrapped in fruit oils, let yourself be carried by a multitude of scents to find soft and remineralized skin.

The different types of massages

Affusion massage at Trouville Marine Cures David Morganti

Stars of thalassotherapy centers, massages are part of traditional treatments. Depending on the desires and needs of each individual, they can be relaxing, stimulating or draining. Relaxation massage is a must; thanks to the winning combination of sliding and kneading, it provides physical and psychological relaxation.

Also very widespread, the affusion massage, performed under a fine shower of warm sea water. It combines the benefits of water and massage for a double relaxing effect; the fine droplets sprayed on the body are absorbed by the skin and recharge the body with mineral salts and trace elements.

Another palpated area, the face is also entitled to a radiance boost. Through relaxing maneuvers, facial massages have a restful, draining and anti-aging preventive action. A few tens of minutes later, the skin is radiant and deeply hydrated.

Our selection of thalassos

Deauville Thalasso by Algotherm


Perfect for taking your first steps in Thalasso, the à la carte treatments offer great freedom of choice with around sixty massages and face and body treatments. On the same model of the packages, half-day stopovers will allow you to discover the great classics in the Thalasso center with three treatments. On the program for these stopovers: hydrotherapy treatments, seaweed and sea mud wraps, massages and scrubs.

À la carte treatments from 38 € and at half day from 41 €.


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Breathe, breathe, relax, reconnect with your physical sensations, everything is done so that the body and the mind find a second breath, for a few hours. Marine treatments, underwater massage and coached sports sessions are just some of the treatments available on the menu.

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