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Association of Young Villersois
The association of Young Villersois will present fifteen model boats: fishing, trade, rescue, boating ... A large variety of boats will be offered including a replica of the rescue boat from Trouville, La Combattante: torpedo boat of the WWII, the tug Abeille Liberty, the Saint Germain train-ferry and many more to discover!

A pool outside the Villare will allow the public to see them navigate, but also to pilot some of these miniature ships!

Côte Fleurie Aeromodelling Club
The Côte Fleurie Modeling Club, affiliated to the French Aeromodelling Federation, will allow you to discover a whole world based on the construction and piloting of radio-controlled aircraft. The club will bring several model aircraft, organize model assembly workshops, and provide access to flight simulators.

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