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Michel Mongay - Independent model maker
Michel Mongay will bring part of his collection of 2000 figurines from all periods, at 30 mm and 90 mm scales. A meticulous work of modeling but also of painting, on the border of History and Art. For the more curious, the exhibitor will also carry out painting demonstrations on figurines.

Jean-Louis Desleux and Jean-Marie Bertinet - Sellers of scale models, spare parts and derivative products
Jean Louis Desleux specializes in model railroading and Jean-Marie Bertinet in drones, helicopters and remote-controlled cars.

Patrick Pailleux

Patrick Pailleux for the Autho87 association

Autho 87 is an international club which aims to promote all road vehicles of all eras and at 1 / 87th scale. Patrick Pailleux will exhibit 6 of his dioramas on behalf of the association: a model of a workers' garden, a diorama of a country market, a forest diorama, a model of Australian convoys, American trucks and his Saharan diorama in kit resin. It will also bring a presentation with 4 unique models of old trucks.