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Association of Young Villersois
The Association des Jeunes Villersois has had a model making center for 9 years. Two disciplines are offered: model railroad and naval. 
During this exhibition, the Association des Jeunes Villersois will release its 15-meter-long network, already presented in 2017 and 2019! A 1 / 87th scale (HO) construction starting from Dives-sur-Mer station. Trains pass through several sites: the golf course and Houlgate beach, the church and train station at Gonneville-Saint-Vaast, the station in its pre-war configuration of Villers-sur-Mer, the train station and the marshes of Blonville-sur-Mer, to finally arrive at the terminus station of Deauville-Trouville.
For the very first time, the model of the club's children will be presented! A realization of a dimension of 1m by 1m75.
On the Villare floor, the AJV will bring a rail network of 1 by 20 meters which can be driven by children, to obtain their train driver diploma!

Chapel Railway
The Chemin de Fer de la Chapelle Club brings together enthusiasts for building and driving model trains in La Chapelle-en-Serval, in Picardy. Patrick Picard will bring his train network, with a dimension of 5,80 x 2 meters, on a scale of 1 / 43,5th (O), with three tracks, level crossings and sheet metal stations, which carries in the 1950s and before the war.

Association of Enthusiasts of Railway Simulation by Information Technology
Created in 2005, the Association of Passionate about Railway Simulation by Information Technology aims to introduce railway computer simulation through various and varied events. Vladimir Boire, president of the association and his colleagues will bring five train simulators for initiations to virtual driving!

French Federation of Railroad Modeling
The French Federation of Railway Model Making brings together associations of railway model makers. Four major national associations are also associated: AFAN, AMFI, Cercle du Zéro and GEMME. The common thread of its history and its creators is to develop model railroading in France.

Gérard Lorant will present his rail network "The Villers Valley Railway", a network of 4 x 1,50 meters, on a 1 / 48th scale. This network is an imaginary version of the railways that were built in the United States around 1880 economically at the 3-foot (914 mm) gauge. They were used to transport materials intended for the silver mines, very prolific at the end of the 19th century in Colorado. Through its digital management, the network makes the public participate in the joy of the sound animation of steam locomotives typical of the American West!

Association of Independent Railway Model Makers
The Amicale des Modélistes Ferroviaires Indépendants is an association which allows isolated amateurs to discuss different techniques at all scales and all the practices of their discipline. Jacques Brazille, member of AMFI, will bring his train network to two scales: 1 / 160th (N) and 1 / 220th (Z). This 1,20 x 0,70 meter playful network is equipped with an onboard camera with transmission of images to a television screen and virtual reality headset.
A unique experience for children to immerse themselves in the cabin and obtain their train driver diploma!

The Circle of Zero

The Circle of Zero
The "Zero" is the name of model railroading at the scale of 1 / 43,5. Born in 1982 from the will of several enthusiasts passionate about railway models at the scale of 1 / 43,5, Le Cercle du Zéro's primary concern is to revitalize this scale and promote it.
Le Cercle du Zéro is a full member of the French Federation of Railway Modeling and MOROP: European Federation of Railway Model Makers and Friends of Railways. These two affiliations ensure their recognition in France and in Europe. 
Didier Préd'homme and his team will present a new set of modules known as “3800 modules”, replacing the “4000 modules” already on display at Villare in 2018. A new network to discover with 5 trains running on a single track of a length total of 15 meters. 


Jean-Michel Lalardie - Independent
Jean-Michel Lalardie will present his modular network "Le Bourg" at scale N, depicting a passenger station, a freight station and the beginning of a village.
This AFAN and MOROP standards network includes two standardized modules of 1 by 20 cm, with two returns of 40 cm by 40 cm, one with the TCO and two rear slides of 65 by 1 cm, forming a total set of 20 by 20 cm. 

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