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April 4> March 7

Exhibition "Dinosaurs, new discoveries in France!"

3 and 4 April

17th Books & Music Festival

24th Easter Festival

10th Gala of Stars

17 and 18 June

9th Deauville Green Awards

Inauguration and opening to the public of the Franciscans

June 27> September 13

Franciscan inaugural exhibition: "The paths of Paradise"

32nd Festival Sable Show

August 1> August 3

5th Ville'Art'ville Festival

19th August Musical

30th Festival of New Talents and Guests

21 and 22 August

3rd Festival of Russian Art

6th Villers-sur-Mer Book Fair

August 2021

7th A Festival in Villerville

46th American Film Festival

October 17> January 3

Contact Sheet (s) # 11

My travel book