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April 4> March 7

Exhibition "Dinosaurs, new discoveries in France!"

3 and 4 April

17th Books & Music Festival

24th Easter Festival

June> September

Exhibition: "Deauville in the eye of Paris Match"

May 10

10th Gala of Stars

17 and 18 June

9th Deauville Green Awards

Inauguration and opening to the public of the Franciscans

June 27> September 13

Franciscan inaugural exhibition: "The paths of Paradise"

32nd Festival Sable Show

August 1> August 3

5th Ville'Art'ville Festival

19th August Musical

30th Festival of New Talents and Guests

21 and 22 August

3rd Festival of Russian Art

23 August

6th Villers-sur-Mer Book Fair

August 27> 30

7th A Festival in Villerville

46th American Film Festival

October 17> January 3

Contact Sheet (s) # 11

My travel book